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Leaky Rotten Condo List #7

Leaky Rotten Condo Questionnaire

Leaky Rotten Condo
Vista Pointe, Strata Plan LMS 0290

This will confirm that two COLCO Inspection Agents conducted another site visit on June 12, 2003.

Webcast from 1998 Public Meeting
Brief to Standing Committee on Finance, Goverment of Canada
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Mr. James Balderson (Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners): Thank you, Mr. Chairman. My name is James Balderson. I represent the Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners, and I appreciate your efforts to provide us with a slot at this meeting today.
Court rules against certification of leaky condo class action
Patrick Guy has informed COLCO that certification of the proposed class action leaky condo lawsuit targeting the provincial and federal governments and the building code has been rejected by the court. Click Here for Court Decision
Nonsense v. Reality: Comments on a proposed leaky condo class action lawsuit
Insurance industry lobbies to gut home warranties
The insurance industry backing BC's mandatory home warranty program wants to gut home warranty coverage, according to Carmen Maretic, President of CASH Society. (Click here for more)


COLCO Challenges The Bay's Commitment to Corporate Social   Responsibility

Also - Delta flushes the Georgies
Research reveals leaky condos across Canada  UDI Developers Celebrate
COLCO and other Leaky Condo Testimony to the BC Budget Committee Nov. 27, 2000
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Proposed Leaky Condo Class Action: Judge orders delivery of particulars of alleged building code deficiencies

Tricky condo market spurs false advertising complaints against realtors

Submission to the Pre-Budget Hearings

Architects designed leaky condos inside out

Correspondence about LMS 3199 "Sonrisa" by Bosa 

AIBC & "Christian Skene"

Judge rules Bosa condo uninhabitable, orders overheated leaky condo returned to vendor

Condo Rot Hits Edmonton!
  • Condo owners' nightmare drags on
  • National Home Warranty Denies Claim
  • A Tale of Two Liberals and Rotting Condos
  • CapitalHealthAuthority - Edmonton and Leaky Rotten Mouldy Condos
  • Condo Rot in Alberta and British Columbia 

Boycott List

Realtor Hasman warned not to interfere with inspector of houses and condos

COLCO Questions:Representations by Real Estate Licensee - Andrew Hasman

News Alert! - Preferred Construction Group

COLCO Questions: Mark Belling about The 501 by Amacon-Onni, the Building Code, and Condo Guide Editorial

COLCO Questions: Paul Pettipas - NSHBA Georgie Judge

Letter To David Bond - Leaky Condos, Bankruptcy & HSBC

Chelsea Southlands & London Guarantee - Questions about Warranty Claims in Ads

Stop The Bankruptcies!

 Ellis Nauss Jones Letter and 870 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver

Vancouver Sun Letter to the Editor - Native Mouldy Homes, It's Not the Building Code 

COLCO Questions: Brett Ferguson, Sutton Group about Citadel Pointe

Letter from Mike Corbeil, Deputy Minister - Social Development and Economic Security

RCMP Media Release on New Home Warranty Program false and misleading

Weyerhauser & James Hardie Building Products - COLCO News Release Sept 06, 2000

Find out what Henderson Development doesn't want you to know about The Stanley

Henderson Development (Canada) Ltd. is unhappy with COLCO

MSP cancels medical coverage, Leaky Condo Owner rescued by BC Ombudsman (See page 19)

Accountability for British Columbians

Minutes from Sept. 30. Meeting

Meeting Minutes - APRIL 16TH, 2000

Does Anyone want to buy a vote?

Letter To Lou Sekora June 19, 2000

News Releases about Successful Walkabouts at Cressey Developments. 





News and (finally!) photos from the "Portico" Walkabout.

A Warning from a Consumer- Made in BC Building Construction not fit for the UK!

Letter to Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association June 17

Does Bosa-Appia's "The Spectrum" violate the criminal code? - August 23, 2000

Letter to AXA Pacific Insurance President R. Vickerstaff - June 20, 2000

Letter to Premier Dosanjh - Misleading Condo Project Information - July 17, 2000

News Release June 16, 2000

Walkabout Form

News Release June 12, 2000

Motion to Declare a Disaster

Volunteer Information Sheet

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