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COLCO INFO BULLETIN 2001.07.17 - (For Immediate Release) 

 Research reveals leaky condos across Canada 

  BC owners call for justice and compensation 

  (Vancouver, Canada)   Leaks, rot and mould have damaged tens of thousands of   leaky condos in British Columbia and other buildings across Canada, according to COLCO, The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners. 

  COLCO’s research has found leaky rotten condos and other residential buildings from Victoria, British Columbia, to St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

  “The common cause of leaks, rot and mould can be traced to inadequate design, defective construction and multiple building code violations,” according to Dr. James Balderson, spokesman for COLCO.  “The problems with these leaky homes are clearly not caused by the purchasers.” 

  “Our own conclusions about leaky condos in British Columbia are bolstered by research reported by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC),” said COLCO spokesman James Balderson. 

  In British Columbia alone, COLCO has already identified more than 1,050 leaky rotten condo and co-op complexes containing about 50,000 homes. 

COLCO’s Leaky Rotten Condo List #7 can be found at 

 COLCO is preparing Leaky Rotten Condo List #8 for release in the Fall. 

  COLCO estimates the total cost to repair B.C.’s leaky rotten mouldy multiple-family and single-family buildings may exceed $2 billion. 

 “Our research clearly shows that developers, architects and builders have failed to provide us with safe, warm and dry homes. 

 “We’ve been swindled by an unethical housing industry which promised high quality homes but delivered leaks, rot, mould and misery. 

 “Our evidence shows that the Barrett Commission severely underestimated the full scope of the problem.  Furthermore, the former NDP government failed to provide adequate relief for all the victims. 

 “The municipal, provincial and federal governments collected a lot of revenue because these leaky condos were built and sold to us.  And now they’re collecting more in taxes and fees because we must repair them. 

 “Now it’s up to the Campbell and Chretien Liberals to provide us with 100% compensation for this incredible catastrophe in British Columbia. 

  “If the politicians can find billions of dollars in federal and provincial tax cuts, they can find a billion or two to help the victims of leaky rotten condos. 

 “We want justice and compensation, but please don’t try negating the disaster by labeling it a bailout,” Balderson said. 

 Balderson said COLCO conducts its own research and also uses CMHC’s extensive library of research projects addressing problems in leaky rotten mouldy residential buildings across Canada: 

 For starters, Balderson points to the following examples of easy-to-read CMHC case studies about leaky homes across  Canada found at: 

  New Westminster, British Columbia 
  Envelope Rehabilitation of a Low-rise, Wood-frame Residential Complex

  Winnipeg, Manitoba 
  Solving Persistent Moisture Problems and Moisture Damage

  Brockville, Ontario 
  Replacement of Precast Balcony Slab Sections on a Multi-storey Residential 
  Building, Water Street

  Markham, Ontario 
  Cladding Repairs to a High-rise Condominium

  Nepean, Ontario 
  Exterior Wall Rehabilitation and Performance Improvements

  North York, Ontario 
  Structural Rehabilitation and Recladding of an Exterior Load-bearing Wall

  Ottawa, Ontario (1) 
  High-Rise Masonry Wall Rehabilitation

  Ottawa, Ontario (2) 
  Repairs to Solve Water and Air leakage Problems in a 
  Four-Storey Residential Building

  Timmins, Ontario 
  Repair, Retrofit and Renovation of a Multi-storey Seniors' 
  Apartment Building

  Waterloo, Ontario 
  Repair of Spalling and Leaking Clay Brick Building Walls

  Montreal, Quebec 
  Rehabilitation of A Reinforced Concrete Envelope

  St. John’s Newfoundland 
  Highrise Residential Building Retrofit: 
  Precast Concrete Wall Panels 

  For more information about COLCO’s research contact: 

  Dr. James Balderson, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., Q.S., MCOLCO 

  Telephone 604-739-4190 
  Fax 604-739-4109 

Updated July 17, 2001
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