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To: Larry Pynn & Michael McCullough, Reporters
    Neil Reynolds, Editor-in-chief
    Letters Editor

Re: A New Crisis for natives: mouldy homes
    Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, January 12, 2001, pp. 1&2

Thanks for your story about mouldy homes on native reserves.

Can we have a story about mouldy condos and houses on non-native reserves
like Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey and Victoria?

When will the headline writers at the Vancouver Sun stop turning otherwise
good reporting into false misleading propaganda for the developers?

Where did they get the headline for page 2 of the story?:

"Building code doesn't account for west coast rain"

The building code does account for west coast - and any other type of rain.

The rain is supposed to be kept outside where it belongs!

B.C.'s negligent and incompetent builders failed to keep the rain out.

Wet buildings mean mouldy buildings whether they are low-rise, high-rise, on
reserves or not.

Leaky buildings break building code.

Put that in a headline!!!!!!!!!!!

James Balderson Tel.604-739-4190,
Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners

Updated Dec 31, 2000
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