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Condo Rot Hits Edmonton!

Sunday 4 February 2001 

Condo owners' nightmare drags on
Condo board, companies heading to arbitration

Tom Barrett, Journal Staff Writer
The Edmonton Journal 

Gordon Moody was looking forward to relaxing in his golden years. 

The 64-year-old thought life would be easy after he purchased a suite in the new Main Street South on the Lake condominium development in 1996. He was on a fixed income but didn't foresee any huge expenses or major responsibilities on the horizon. 

Little did he and his fellow apartment owners know they would soon be engaged in a time-consuming dispute that has
dragged on two years with the developers, the warranty company and Capital Health over the state of the building. 

Read entire story in the Edmonton Journal at:

National Home Warranty (BC)

RE: National Home Warranty (BC), National Home Warranty (AB),  Alberta New Home Warranty & the Main Street South on the Lake leaky rotten condominium project in Edmonton

We have the Edmonton Journal (Sunday 4 February 2001) article by Tom Barrett describing the leaky rotten condo disaster at Main Street South in Edmonton. 

The denial of claim by Alberta New Home Warranty for damages to Phase I parallels our experience with the bankrupt New Home Warranty of BC & Yukon.

The denial of claim by National Home Warranty (AB) for damage due to leaks and rot in Phase two of the Main Street South condos may be exactly what British Columbians can expect from National Home Warranty (BC) in a few years time.

Any assurances you can provide that such will not be the case in British Columbia will be much appreciated.

James Balderson for COLCO

Jim Morris responds (on Feb. 26th)to the email above with the following -

".......National is involved only with Phase two of the project to which you  refer. The first phase of the project with Alberta New Home Warranty has  experienced many problems however phase two was constructed differently. We are in the third or fourth year of the warranty which provides major structural coverage only. I am advised that there are no structural problems  with our phase of the project and there have been no claims in this regard.  With regard to your specific question, National will continue to operate in BC and other provinces within the requirements of provincial laws and the  wordings of our applicable warranty documentation." 

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From: James Balderson [mailto:James.Balderson@myleakycondo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 12:53 PM
Subject: A Tale of Two Liberals and Rotting Condos

By James Balderson

Two Canadian liberal MLA's were asked about leaky rotten mouldy condos.

Liberal MLA Dr. Don Massey, Edmonton Mill Woods, Alberta, as reported by the Edmonton Journal (Sunday, February 4, 2001), responded as follows:

Local Liberal MLA Don Massey, who has attempted to help the suite owners, stands behind their actions.

"They've done the responsible thing by hiring people to come in and deal with the problem," he says. "They've got Capital Health on their back, they've got rotting suites, so waiting for long-term action is no solution."

Massey went to city officials and convinced them to grant blanket property tax reductions for the suite owners.

"It' been incredible, with all the parties tripping over each other to avoid responsibility," he says. "There are many residents who saved their money to retire here and this is a nightmare for them."

Liberal MLA and Party Leader, Gordon Campbell, when questioned by COLCO at a meeting of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association, responded as follows:

"Of course its a terrible situation with 50,000 leaky rotten condos in B.C., but we have a court system to handle problems like that.  The B.C. Liberal plan calls for less regulation so developers and home builders can make more
money in British Columbia. It's time to get this province moving again."

And the beat goes on ........

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From: James Balderson [mailto:James.Balderson@myleakycondo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 11:35 AM
To: CapitalHealthAuthority - Edmonton
Subject: Leaky Rotten Mouldy Condos

To all Capital Health Authority Personnel:

We were very pleased to  learn that the Capital Health Authority - Edmonton, Alberta, took a strong stand regarding required repairs to leaky rotten condos in the "Main Street South at the Lake" complex.

Your action stands in stark contrast to the continuing denial and lack of action by regional health authorities in British Columbia.

We have 50,000 leaky rotten condos and a billion dollar repair bill with no financial relief in sight.

Young children, asthmatics, immune-compromised, and the elderly suffer greatly, while health authorities in B.C. wait for body bags to pile up at the morgue, before taking action.

Some of our members have been ordered out of their homes by their personal physicians while strata corporations and officials dilly-dally.

Visit www.myleakycondo.com for more information.

Please continue to insist for health and medical reasons that Albertans live in safe, warm and dry housing.

Help show B.C. how to do the job right!

James Balderson, PhD, for COLCO
The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners
Associate Professor (ret.)
University of Alberta

-----Original Message-----
From: James Balderson [mailto:James.Balderson@myleakycondo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 8:23 AM
To: Ralph Klein; Raj Pannu; Don Massey
Subject: Condo Rot in Alberta and British Columbia


Our investigations in British Columbia indicate the rot found in the new condos in Edmonton extends well into the residential construction industry which influenced the legislature to the detriment of consumers.

Alberta New Home Warranty may collapse into bankruptcy following its counterpart in B.C.  Other Warranty companies are in the business of denying claims.

We have about 50,000 leaky rotten condos and a billion dollar repair bill in British Columbia.

Individual repair bills range from a few thousand dollars to well over $100,000.00.

The government has offered no compensation, except a refund of the Provincial Sales Tax.

We refer you to our website: www.myleakycondo.com.

We refer you to our Leaky Rotten Condo List in the DOCUMENTS section.

We refer you to the Barrett Commission of Public Inquiry Reports available from the Homeowner Protection Office website www.hpo.bc.ca.

A common theme, case after case, has been multiple building code violations by developers, architects and builders with everybody responsible, including municipal inspectors, pointing fingers elsewhere.

We note that Edmonton is not in the coastal climatic zone and that your condo rot is as dangerous as ours.

We wish you well.

Dr. James Balderson for COLCO
The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners
Associate Professor (ret.)
University of Alberta


Updated July 12, 2001
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