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Realtor Hasman warned not to interfere with inspector of houses and condos


COLCO has learned that Andrew Hasman has been “issued a letter of warning” by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

Hasman has been cautioned by the Council “not to interfere in any way with a buyer’s choice of inspector, or with the inspection process.”   

Ed Witzke of WITCO Building Inspection Services filed a complaint with the Council about Hasman interfering with his work as an inspector.

Pursuant to Section 31 of the Real Estate Act, the Council inquired into Witzke’s complaint.  The Council “decided not to conduct a hearing but rather to issue a letter of warning to Andrew Marc Hasman.”  The Council’s letter was dated January 17, 2000.    

Ed Witzke has more than 30 years experience in the industry.  Sales personnel have referred to him as “a deal killer.”  However, buyers sometimes use his reports to negotiate a better deal.  Witzke can be reached anytime at 604-327-0262.   

Andrew Hasman bill’s himself as Vancouver’s #1 Westside Realtor in 2000, selling 99 homes.  He claims to be in the top 1% of all realtors, 1996 – 2000.

COLCO has written to Andrew Hasman asking him to provide supporting information regarding certain recent advertisements about the quality and state of repair of several properties.  The letters are available at www.myleakycondo.com/hasman.htm.

Hasman has refused to reply in writing.  We have been advised to communicate only in writing when dealing with realtors in order to avoid misunderstandings.  Hasman can be reached by calling 604-263-2823.

David Rishel, vice-chairman of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s business practices board is on record as saying agents should avoid recommending specific home inspectors to avoid liability in case the inspector makes mistakes.

Dick Coates, former president of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board, is on record as saying his agents at Sutton-Centre Realty recommend home inspectors as a service to potential homebuyers.  He claims they don’t have a list of inspectors but usually recommend three or four and leave the final decision to the client.  Coates, a propagandist for the real estate industry, seems completely unaware that a list of three or four is a list.         

COLCO recommends that purchasers find ethical independent inspectors.  

Updated Feb 14, 2001
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