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2001.01.20 – Inaugural PourGee Awards Day 

Mr. Mark Belling, President     VIA email: homes@fifthav.com
Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd. VIA Fax:604-583-3264
#8 – 15243 – 91st Avenue
Surrey, B.C. Canada V2Z 2B8

Dear Mr. Belling:

RE: Building Code, Condo Guide Editorial & The 501 by Amacon-Onni

As you may know, we are interested in learning more about leaky condos.  A recent visit to your website at www.fifthav.com was informative.  We noted that you have been in the business of marketing condos for twenty years and that you have won several Gold Georgie Awards.  Perhaps you will win another tonight.  We will be investigating how many of the homes marketed by Fifth Avenue became leaky rotten condos to see if you qualify for a PourGee Award next year. 

Your website has a Condo Guide Editorial regarding your company as marketer of the The 501 in Vancouver.  We have determined that Condo Guide does not verify the accuracy of the information it prints concerning the reputations of developers.

Susan Lim, identified as “Sales Manager” is quoted as saying: “This developer has always exceeded building code standards and as a result, homes are not just well-crafted, but proven through time-tested design principles to avoid moisture penetration.”  We note that Susan Lim is not registered with the Real Estate Council of BC.  Was she selling real estate without a license?  

We are curious regarding: (1) exactly which building code standards Ms. Lim is referring to; and (2) what exactly was done by the developer to exceed those standards; and (3) what time-tested design principles were employed at The 501 to avoid moisture penetration (leaks).  We think all developers should avoid leaks.

Given that The 501 has been standing for a few wet months, we would also be interested in learning how well it has performed with respect to moisture penetration (leaks).

We are also interested in the representations made by realtors and marketers for the purpose of promoting real estate developments.  For your information, we attach our recent paper regarding the tricky condo market and false advertising by marketers.

We trust you as President of Fifth Avenue and as a Real Estate Licensee (SA) intimately involved in the design and marketing of The 501, as described on your website, will be able to further our understanding of leaky and non-leaky condos.  We await your reply.

James Balderson


Updated Jan 27, 2001
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