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The Oct. 2/00 Hill Times, reported the following: "Quebecers, as all other Canadians, know that they have benefited from incessant efforts of the government of Canada to stimulate the economy and build a better
society.  They know that the waves of prosperity that Quebec has experienced are in large part due to the actions taken by the Liberal government in Ottawa."  This goes on to say: "Quebecers, as Canadians,
are more eager to embrace a balanced approach, inspired by great Canadian values of which we are so proud.  A balance between economic development and social programs, between social programs and sharing, is the best guarantee for the future."

These remarks were apparently from Alfonso Gagliano, referred to as the "Quebec Political Boss", while he was predicting a majority win for Liberals.  Mr. Gagliano is also responsible for Public Works and
Government Services (including Canada Post and CMHC)

I am extremely concerned that the "greasy (political boss) wheel" has done so well in Quebec when in British Columbia we have become a reduced class of Canadian society, ravaged by the fiscal constraints and policies of a redefined Liberalism for the West.

On May 3, 2000, it was reported in the National Post that Public Works awarded $730 million to companies that donated to Liberal party candidates in the 1997 election.  Government documents from Public Works revealed that $389,000.00 in contracts were awarded alone to a Montreal lawyer whose firm had given $15,000.00 to the Liberal Party.

Vincenzo Gagliano, son of the minister, was hired in 1999 as a director for a company that works on federal accounts.  Many of the agencies that deal with the company are major Liberal donors as well, according to the Globe and Mail.

In the past two years, up to June 2000, Public Works spent $106 million sponsoring 375 cultural festivals; Figured per capita, each Quebecer got the equivalent of $6.60 compared to $0.58 in the West.

Quebec Liberal ridings received the lion share of the HRDC $1 billion compared to under $20 million going to BC.

All is quite obviously well in Quebec!

Seventy eight year old Simma Holt, a former Liberal M.P. (Vancouver-Kingsway) in the 1974-79 Trudeau government, is trying to get the attention of her lifetime Liberal party for what is called, "the leaky condo disaster… is [a] complex crisis, one that will be recorded as the worst economic and sociological catastrophe in Canadian history."

The $ multi-billion leaky condo disaster in BC clearly surpasses the criteria established by Emergency Preparedness Canada and their definition of a disaster, but unlike the recent smaller Quebec incidents, the response has been pathetic and clearly discriminatory. According to the BC government, the federal government is free to make a similar decision in the case of owners of leaky condos as it chose to
provide victims in Quebec.

After much resistance, interest from a niggardly $75 million loan over 10 years has been the extent offered (for no-interest loans to the leaky condo victims in BC) by Mr. Gagliano and his government to date.  In the
meantime, tens of thousands of British Columbian families continue to be plundered because of this redefined Liberalism adopted for the West that removes dignity, compassion, responsibility and fairness from the
"Liberal Vision" for the rest of Canada.  And the federal government continues to tax the misery by collecting the 7% GST on leaky condo repairs, materials and professional services.

Last November, Mr. Gagliano was quoted by the Canadian Press, when speaking about the hundreds of millions that he and his government had generously and promptly handed out to Quebec for the ice-storm:  "This is the best example of the solidarity that characterizes our country."

Thousands of Albertans who lost their homes and declared bankruptcy in the early 80's due to the Liberal policies of the National Energy Program that drove jobs and investment away, still remember.  There is a
sense of déjà vu with an election and Mr. Chretien suggesting a continuation of the Trudeau legacy.  British Columbians will remember Mr. Gagliano and his colleagues for lacking the ability or political will required to properly respond to the leaky condo disaster causing tens of thousands to lose their homes and declare bankruptcy.

The meaning of "clarity" is becoming a lot clearer to us in Western Canada.

It will be interesting to see whether the pork-barrel politics, a $425 million Atlantic vote-buying spree in the name of economic development, or the recent seasonal EI legislation, buys more of the 32 seats available in Atlantic Canada.

Mr. Chretien announced a $400 million aid package this year to help hard-pressed farmers and was quoted in the Vancouver Sun: "Farmers are part of the Canadian family and the Canadian family stands together in
times of trouble."  Is this the price of a Prairie vote?

In The Hill Times November 6, 1999, Mr. Gagliano said it's necessary to inform Quebecers what the federal government does for them.  In the house, this is how Mr. Gagliano justified regular tours of Quebec by
himself and other Quebec ministers at taxpayers expense.

Mr. Gagliano claims, "I am very concerned about the hardships that many BC homeowners are facing."   Really?  The leaky condo disaster effects 24 of the 34 federal ridings in BC and yet the only time we see a
cabinet minister is for a photo-op, or a Liberal fund-raiser to take more money out of BC.

We all know about the costly failure of the controversial "Gagliano Plan" that was publicly called "a joke" by Ms. Carolyn Parrish, now Parliamentary Secretary to Gagliano.  Here is another joke.

With its books threatened by water leaks and flooding, the Library of Parliament has been targeted as the next Hill structure to be renovated by Mr. Gagliano.  Yes, the books threatened by water leaks are of
greater priority to this Liberal government than the 50,000 plus British Columbian families whose condos already leak!

John Grasty 


Updated Oct 19, 2000
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